Tips to Pass Drug Tests Fast

Here’s the elephant in the room: the problem with drug test screening is that drug tests can detect substances in your system even if it has been weeks of even months (as in the case of hair testing) since you have indulged in some recreational activities with substances that are not exactly legal. Now, whether you are looking for a job, or trying to make sure that you do not lose the one you have, you need to be ready. Getting caught off guard is the prelude to getting caught. Here are some tips to pass a drug test which you might find handy.

1. Learn how drug testing methods are carried out
There are three major ways by which drug testing is carried out: urine testing, hair testing and saliva testing. By finding out how the tests are carried out, you will know how to respond.
You probably already know how things go with urine testing. You get to be in the toilet all by yourself so there is plenty of opportunity to carry out some tricks. However, you have to keep in mind that most drug testing labs have enforced security measures; some use water spiked with a specific solution that would alert the lab technicians that your sample has been diluted.
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Hair testing is a bit trickier. What’s worse is that if you are dark-haired, you are out of luck. Cocaine and other synthetic drugs residue can be detected on the melanin (the pigmentation in your hair which gives it that dark color), even after it has been months after drug use. Now, hair testing involves 50 – 80 hair strands and there should be at least an inch of hair. Now, unless you can find an excuse why you suddenly want to shave your armpits and your hair, and even go Brazilian, you might be in trouble.

This isn’t so bad considering that it can only detect drug use if it has occurred within the last few days. You will be handed a collection pad and instructed to place it between the lower cheek and the gums, and to rub the pad along the gum line until it is moist. You can rub the pad on your teeth instead. You are supposed to leave it between the cheek and the gums for at least 2 minutes but you should just hold it between your teeth.

2. Get cleaned up
What you need to do is to make sure that there is a little drug residue as possible in your system. Drink lots of water every day following the ‘party’ and take in lots of diuretics as well. These are substances that would promote water release. You will be peeing a lot when you take them so it would be faster to get cleaned up. Diuretics include coffee and cranberry juice; some weight loss mixes also have diuretic properties.

3. Substitute the sample
This is the best solution for urine testing. If you are applying for a job, or trying to comply with stay-on-parole requirements, you better have substitutes ready. You can opt for synthetic urine; they are delivered with a temperature meter so you can be sure that temperature is controlled. Note that the urine has to stay refrigerated and that it has to be in the right temperature when it is time to present it as the liquid that came from your body. You can also buy urine from other people. Just make sure that you use it in less than 48 hours; otherwise, bacteria would develop and your sample would be flagged.

4. Go for evasive maneuvers
Now, this would come in handy for instances when you know that you are completely screwed if you have to go through with it (i.e. saliva testing is required and you have taken synthetic drugs the day before). You can go for the I-have-no-ID excuse. Act like you are ready but when you get to the laboratory premises, make sure that your ID cannot be found nowhere. The lab cannot go through with the process if your identity cannot be confirmed and if the required documents cannot be filed. You can just get tested in a better day.

These tips to pass drug tests should help you get out of a sticky situation. However, do remember that the best way for you to avoid drug-testing disasters is to be aware of your rights. Once you are an employee, it is illegal in most states for companies to demand random drug testing unless warranted (i.e. you have caused a major workplace accident or the quality of performance has been steadily declining).

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Information About Detox for Drug Test Alternatives

Choosing the best strategy for drug detox will depend on whether the individual would like to avoid a positive test or if they would like to stay clear of addictive kind of substances. The latter objective can be described as rehabilitation.

Rapid Detox

It is worth noting that medication withdrawal without any supportive intervention may only last a few days. This is because the side effects can be rather painful and unpleasant to a point that it acts as a turn off. Rapid detox involves having the patient placed under anesthesia so as to prevent them from feeling pain or discomfort. This method is reputed for complete drug clearance in approximately two hours. The approach is extremely efficient in passing laboratory tests.

Reasons for Testing
 Information About Detox for Drug Test Alternatives
There are a myriad of reasons that would make one be asked to perform routine lab tests. In most cases, such tests are job related. Other reasons for such lab test include sports, migration requirements and life insurance among others. Some schools may ask a student to perform drug tests. However, the best method of passing such tests is abstaining from drug intake.

Clearance Time

The required abstinence period is dependant on the average time required for clearance of the molecule that is in question. Some of the substances like cocaine, amphetamines and barbiturates are capable of clearing from the system within one week or less. Other drugs such as benzodiazepines can clear after ten days. Steroids and marijuana can take a few months to clear from the system. The clearance duration is mainly based on the analysis of the urine.

Detox Drinks

On the internet, there are a good number of preparations that are sold as detox drinks. Some can be bought over the phone or at selected retailer shops. Majority of them remain active for a few hours, which may be sufficient enough for one to pass a drug test.

Total Rehabilitation

Passing drug tests may be good enough for people who want to remain in employment or escape a jail term. However, for those who want to change their lifestyles, they should enroll in a rehabilitation program. This treatment method incorporates social, psychological and behavioral issues.

Residential Treatment

The advantage of residential treatment programs is that the individual is removed from the social and environmental influences that encourage the use of drugs. The residents are also provided with the opportunity to gain confidence in establishing relationships with people who do not use drugs. Once the patient has been released in to the community, follow up treatment is provided with the aim of preventing a relapse.

Many people do not have any access to the resources that are required to enroll in a residential facility that specializes in drug detox. Support from general practitioners, family doctors and family members are needed in order for the drug detox treatment program to work. Individuals facing such challenges should be encouraged and advised. With such treatment programs in place, it is possible to successfully undergo drug detox.

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